Magnolia Finest Corporation Limited a member of DT Group of Companies, established in 2000, operates the Property Development business under the concept of “Think and Create for Human Sustainability”.With this in mind, we develop projects that best respond to the demands and well-being of our residents. The Company invests and develops real estate projects on an international level to build growth of joint ventures and development of international real estate projects with our domestic and international partners and investors. Each project is unique with state-of-the-art design incorporating quality materials, energy and environmental technology. We not only build a place for living, we also innovate to achieve the best quality of life.

  • absolute world care

    genuine environmental-friendly projects

    - helping create a better world today for a better world tomorrow

      • clean energy

      • clean transportation

  • boundless life quality design

    design for quality of life

    - seeking the ultimate living experience

    - state of the art and beyond

  • ultimate loving community

    create a loving and caring society

    - buiding long term relationship

    - safe and secure living